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Gabbi 5:th in Norway


Gabbi and team did a great effort in Norway this weekend......

Gabbi ended up on a 5:th place this weekend in Norway. After a rainy start we did 1 qualification run on friday 7,44/285 led to a 9:th place in avery tough field.

The gearbox locked after the run and we had to change 2 shiftforks.

Saturday was great weatherwise and we did 3 more qualification runs. 7,46, 7.48. 7,52. We struggled a bit with bad fueling and shiftpoints so no improvement over friday.

Sunday had even better weather and we were up aginst nr 6 qualifier Dave Beck who had run a sharp 7,26. He also has the European record of 7,07 and is avery skilled driver. Gabbi was as usual sharp as a cobra on the tree an reacted on a 0,02 s, against Daves 0,133 s.  Gabbi managed to hold off Dave and took the win with 0,001s ! That is about 8 cm on the finishing line !!

Next run we had  nr 3 qualifier Anders Abrahamsson who had run 7,19 and also is a very skilled driver with great reaction times. Gabbi once again hit the tree with a fantastic 0,017 time but Anders had a good 0,060 an by halftrack hes very fast Suzuki was ahead and took the win.

Pics are up in Multimedia gallery

Gabbi 5:th in Norway