Gabbi - Pro Stock Bike

Finals finished !


Oh what a weekend...tough racing and a few mishaps led to a finishing nr 12 place in the championship......

Gabriellas friend and team member Lena Nyborg had a family matter to attend to so Robert her son had to do a last minute fill in so they arraived Tuesday night and me and Rolle arraived by flight late Thursday evening to a rainy Santa Pod, Friday came with better weather but a hard headwind, the bike bugged at the startline, we had missjudged the grip totaly............

Saturday we had a punktured front tire at 250 km/h so Gabbi did a great job just keeping on both wheels.

Sunday had great weather with a little less wind but Dave Beck did a good job beating us and our weekend was over !


We are happy to be home sound and safe and bike + bus is ok.

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Finals finished !