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Does it fit ?


This weekend we picked the tent up from the shipping company and drove it home ....

Saturday morning i took my ZXR 750 and drove to Gislaved in the beautiful autumn weather,  picked up bolts, and fasteners for the tent.

Home , Urban joined us and we started to mount the tent to the bus, well it was a few headaches and discussions before it got into place, i even borrowed a fork lift truck to raise it up with......heavy stuff this one !

Later in the afternoon Rolle arraived and we mounted the frame work, just to discover that the whole frame was about 25 cm to wide for the bus......well we took some measures and dismantled it,  and ended the day with a wonderful sandwich cake and a few beers to celebrate Urbans 40:th birthday !  ( Cake by Gabbi )

Sorry to say on sunday Gabbi discovered a broken sunroof.....some punks had a party and could not let the bus be left alone.....

Today i have been to Rolles company and shortened the tubes for the framework, now we have to wait for the welder to finish the job and we hope to be able to mount the tent this coming weekend....



Does it fit ?

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