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Race finished !!


4 great days are over and Fredrik has done his US debut....

Friday morning presented great weather and q1 was a record session. Hector A pulled a 6.77 and a lots of riders in the 196-199 mph zone. Fredrik Fredlund did a 7.30 at 181 and was not qualified as the bump was on 7.0x...

Fredrik worked with a lot o problems and in q2 he just left the line and then the clutch broke.......a lot of PB,s Katie s 6.98, Dawn 7.07

Saturday was even warmer, in the 25-30 zone and almost no one did better, Fredrik once again shut off due to clutch problems.......we were all dissapointed.....

Last q he pulled a 7.25/183 and he did not make the 16 field for Sunday.

Evening was really nice and we had a few drinks in Karen Stoffers team owner Doug Johnsson:s mobile home and got a lot of intressting stories from Gary, Jim, Terrie,Terry and Greg !!

Sunday was even warmer and Eddie K won over Stoffer in the finals ! We are heading up to star Racing in Georgia today to meet George Bryce and see the Star facilities !  And oh yes we are having a blast !!


Race finished !!