Gabbi - Pro Stock Bike

Gardemoen test


The winters dust is gone.....

We arraived at Gardemoen on friday night, the new tent was really fast to mount, about an hour on 4 people.

Bike was prepared with wheelie bar height, clutch settings and retard box settings.

Saturday, we started her up, everything looked good.

Gabbi was prepared and off she went, we had to much clutch for the track so she spun the tire hard despite the retarded 1st gear....

Back in the pits we checked everything incl. shift forks..nothing was hurt so we softened up the clutch and now the bike planted itself good and despite a soft 1,17 60 ft it showed us a very nice clutch curve..

Gabbi took it slow and did not rev past 11500 rpm, back in the pit she was excited of how stable the new chassie felt !

Sorry to say our next planned run with small clutch adjustments and more rpm did not happen because rain and hale stooped the weekend......

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Gardemoen test