Gabbi - Pro Stock Bike


Gabriella Gabbi Nikolovska has been a racer since early age, driving her 125 cc like a stormwind, she went through some big bikes, and straight into the dragracing scene in 1998.

The career peaked in 2006 when she became the Swedish Champion on a 1427 cc SUZUKI, leaving a lot of fast guys behind.... At 8,70/270 km/h she is the fastest Woman in Europe on a no bar 60 inch wheelbase streettire bike !
Gabbi has a strong mind and a lot of mental and physical workout helps her stay in focus. Mother of Robert, born in 1991 and Edwin, born in 2004, she resides in Grimsas with her lifepartner Henrik Roos since 2000. She works full time at NEXANS cable plant as an engineer and runs her own motorcycle company GABBIX.
If time lets her, she really enjoys the company of friends and inviting them over for dinner and some wine, ride a street motorcycle and travel.

The years gone by















Started Dragracing on a 1995 CBR 600, won the ladies class

Moved up to a  1994 CBR 900

Up to a  SUZUKI GS 1150 E with a 1327 cc engine

9,65s / 235 km/h in the Pro Street Bike class

A new 1425 cc 210 hp engine

New chassie and  a 9,30/ 245

9,18/245 for atotal 6:th place in the Pro Street Bike class

A break for Gabbi when she becomes a mum for a second time to her youngest son Edwin

Made 3 events with a 9,15 as best

Comeback year ! Swedish Champion with a personal of 8,78 s

Made 4 events with great results, then sold the old lady.....

Rookie in Pro Stock Bike, 2 European events led to a 13:th place

2 European events led to a 6:th place and a pers. best of 7,62 s/282 km/h

4 European events led to a 12:th place and a pers. best of 7,31 s/292 km/h