Gabbi - Pro Stock Bike

   TEAM Gabbi Racing


Team Gabba Racing - Henrik

A dragracer and tuner long before he met Gabbi, in charge of motorcycle, homepage,pr and paperwork.


Enjoys 90:s superbikes and guitarrplaying!



Team Gabbi Racing - Tyco

Tyco Wilhelmsson has been with us since 2004, he has a lot of racing experience and knows us and our equipment like no one else.

A rock steady father of 5, who enjoys motorcycle touring and good food!


Team Gabbi Racing - Edwin

Gabbi & Henriks son born in 2004, remindes us of everything we might have forgot !


Rides a PW 50 and realy likes tractors and monster trucks!


  Gabbi Racing - Rolle A true mechanical artist, has worked in car race teams and runs his on fabrication shop.

Likes his RC30


  Gabbi Racing - Ubbe Our electrical expert and an oldschool calm problemsolver, usuálly hunts and fishes on his sparetime



The chef, makes incredible food and brings some youth to our team, a gym instructor and ladies man