Gabbi - Pro Stock Bike


Test Malmö Veidec strip

We made 5 1/8 mile shakedown runs. Best was 4,74s / 236 km/h, that is a new Personal Best !

UEM European round 3 Alastaro, Finland

The weekend started with the test of a new  clutch  setup that we been working on. Friday  morning hosted great weather and sunny skies. Gabbi did a good job but the clutch was way off so a 7,66/283 only gave us a nr 9 qualification pass. In the pit we discovered a bad shift fork, that cost us the second qual. round.

Saturday morning we put in our old clutch and made some adjustments, great result a 1,17 60ft 4,74 at 201m and 7,39/292 at finish ! Team was happy a NEW PB and we were qualified !

Sundays race came and we were paired against no 1 qualifier Kenneth Wik. Gabbi reacted on 0,08 to Wik:s 0,055 s. Kenneth took the line with 7,17 to Gabbis very good 7,31 so we went out with a new PB !!

 UEM European round 4 Mantorp, Sweden Engine was overhauled and we were ready for Mantorp. A lot of friends, supporters and sponsors arraived to Mantorp to bring us forward. We realy got good attention in the Mantorp pits and thanks to all our partners !  After 3 qual rounds we ended up at nr 7 vith a 7,47/277. Then as you all know came the rain…                                                                                                                         
 UEM European round 5 Gardemoen, Norway A few days of relaxing then off to Norway and Gardemoen. We ran a 7,44/285 on Friday evening and then we had to change some gearbox parts. Saturday gave us 3 rounds but we had a hard time with the grip so no improvement though we made 3 stable runs at 7,46-7,52.

Sunday we had current record holder Dave Beck in 1:st round and Gabbi did a great job with a holeshot win thanks to her 0,02s reaction time ! It differed 0,001s at the stripe ! Then we had to take on fast man Anders Abrahamsson, so Gabbi once again did her thing and reacted on 0,017 s to Anders 0,060. Anders took the win with a 7,32/296 to Gabbis 7,53/282

 UEM Europen Finals Santa Pod, England

Well prepared for England  wih a fresh overhauled engine and spirits on top Gabbi headed off with the bus on monday.

Henrik & Rolle arraived on Thursday evening. Bad weather spoiled the 1:st qual round but it stopped raining and on Friday evening we got called to startline.

The bike bogged at line ? We started working and decided thet we had to soften the clutch and step up the start rpm. The track had a grip thet we had never felt before !! 

Saturday morning we got a 1,16 60 ft end then a shakey ride....and a big smoke cloud on finishline, engine broke ?  No Gabbi had lost the front fender and all pressure in frontire so she was lucky to survived that run 7,73/269 km/h we were nr 13 qualifier.

Saturday evening last q run with a new frontire and bike seemed ok, gabbi got a 1,18 60 ft but the had to close throttle because front tire slided when bike came down from wheeliebar...  a 7,84/269 did not help us.

Sunday morning we did a lot of changes to the bike to be able to beat dave Beck nr 4 qualifier. Gabbi once again had a shakey ride with 2 shifts way we did a 7,75/278 against Daves 7,3x.

Overall Gabbi had good reactions but the bike did not respond to this track as we wanted, we also tesed some new stuff for next season so we are ready to move on !!!!